Pick Me: Episode 15



Five years later,

Five years had gone by. There was not a single moment I had never cherished. I am finally dating the girl of my dream. I am finally fulfilling my childhood proposals to date and marry her. Well, it was a long story we could end up together. I never thought of that. Everyone thought Jihoon hyung and her was a perfect match. But, after years, they grew apart and, in the end, he left Yoojin hurting. They were really sweet in the beginning. I admitted that they were really adorable all the way along. But, somewhere in the middle, Jihoon hyung turned so cold toward her. He made Yoojin cry a whole lot.

Yoojin often came to my place with puffy eyes due to a whole lot of crying. She always came to me after she had a fight with Jihoon hyung. Their relationship sank all the way right after Jihoon hyung graduated from the school and took the leap to study abroad. They eventually broke up after three years of dating each other.

“Samuel Oppa,” She called out as she was rummaging through her bags.

“What are you looking for, Yoojin?” I held her hand, trying to calm her down from her panic.

“I—uh—I lost my inhaler. It’s so expensive and I need it for emergency measure,” She whined.

“Calm down, it’s here,” I dug my pocket and took out a blue inhaler with her name label on it.

“How could it be in your pocket?” She asked as she took it from my hand.

“Well, you left it on your desk before you leave the dorm. I knew you needed it. So, I took it from your table and brought it with me,” I shrugged as I walked with her to the main campus building.

And yes, we went to the same university for the record. I took the performing arts major while she took Humanities and Literary Art. That afternoon, we had no classes at all. So, we agreed to go somewhere to have a quiet walk around the town after she finished her class administration for this term. How’s Yoodam, you may ask. He’s good. He went to Gyeonggi-do and went to college there. He studied Geology and nothing much was told about him these days. Niel hyung went to Canada with Seongwoo hyung. Jisung hyung was still working hard at the coffee shop with the help of Taemin hyung.

It’s just unbelievable for me to have her holding my hands and never letting it go. I thought it would be the end for us when she accepted those hands. Those hands of that senior of ours. I couldn’t believe this little girl I used to make promises when we were little, now had grown into such a beautiful lady and what more, SHE’S MINE, PEOPLE! I couldn’t express my happiness anymore. She is my girlfriend and maybe I can fulfill our childhood promise by marrying her someday.

—The end.