Don’t wanna cry
Don’t wanna cry

Because I love you, because the words I love you
Isn’t enough, no matter what I say
I loved you so much, where’d you go?
Did you leave because you don’t like me anymore?

Don’t play around, I know you’re right there
Feels like you’ll appear, so I’m just waiting
I need to find you, need to find you
Because if I cry right now, I might not see you

Don’t wanna cry
Don’t wanna cry
I have a lot of tears
But I don’t wanna cry

-Seventeen “I don’t wanna cry”

Daniel Kang

she was sitting at the back of the kitchen, crying. She must have missed a chance to sneak into her flat after school. she must have missed his brother so much. I knew i was working at the kitchen that time she finished her shift. I even handed him baby Pan, her kitten. the problem was, I was too busy thinking about seongwoo hyung to realize that she was struggling to live without Yoodam. however she acted like nothing happened at the pantry. she would cling at Kenta hyung and walked upstairs to her room, bringing Pan with her.

“Daniel Oppa thanks for taking Pan with you today.” she hugged her cat as I took my time to tidy up my things.

“Did you tell him how you are happy being here?” I asked.

“I  told him how much i missed Yoodam oppa,” she said out of nowhere.

“How was Jihoon?” I changed the topic.

“Jihoon oppa always came here after school for math tutoring and some coffee shop dates  with me,” She answered.

“Speaking of the Devil, he is waiting inside your room. go have some fun. I will discuss something serious with Daniel,” Jisung hyung said as he intruded our heart to heart talk.

“why don’t you tell me earlier you are with him,” She pouted.

“You have some fun,” I chortled and looked at Jisung hyung, “What is so serious hyung?” I asked.

“She missed her old house isn’t she?” he asked back.

“I guess so, i saw her crying later at the back of the kitchen,”. I paused.”Give her some time to meet Yoodam, Hyung,” I proposed.

“I thought I was protecting her,” Jisung hyung said.

“Oppa, Can i stay at the coffee shop with Jihoon Oppa?” Yoojin came down, hugging Jihoon’s arm with her casual attire soon after she moved upstairs.

“Sure, Tomorrow go with Jihoon, Seonho and Kenta to visit Yoodam,” Jisung hyung said and smiled awhile.

“Gomawo, oppa, saranghae,” the kid hugged Jisung hyung lovingly.

“You two can have your quality time now,” Jisung smiled as he saw Yoojin’s genuine smile after he allowed her to visit her twin brother. “Daniel, you can stay here, I’ll do the serious talk with you about tomorrow,” He added.

“Hyung, are you calling for us?” Then Kenta and Seonho came into the pantry as she left.

“I need you three to watch over my sister, because tomorrow, I will run the coffee shop with Jinwoo, Taewoong and Taemin. You guys are going to have a day off,” Jisung hyung said.

“Please take care of my sister. Don’t let  yoodam hurt her.” Jisung hyung instructed. To be really honest, I never felt Jisung hyung being this protective towards Yoojin before that incident last summer.

I mean everyone turned their backs on Yoodam after they saw how Yoodam acted towards his sister.

Ong Seongwoo

I was at the supermarket at the back of the coffee shop, buying beers and some daily necessities since I’ve been sharing an apartment with Daniel since the last few weeks, waiting for Niel who was doing his shift at Jisung hyung’s coffee shop, when I saw Yoojin came out of the back door, hugging her kitten, Pan, while crying her heart out. Since Niel was busy, i decided to go out of the store and approach her, engulfing her into my embrace.

“What happened Yoojin ah?” I asked.

“I just missed my brother so much,” She sobbed.

“Why don’t we talk to Jisung hyung to make a time for you to visit your brother? It will be nice to pay him a visit. Plus, Heeseok might have been worried about you,” I comforted her. I knew now why Daniel sees her like a younger sister. She’s the little sister everyone wanted to have. Someone with bigger heart than what she had in her body.

“Jisung oppa might not allow me,” she pouted while hugging Pan.

“Let’s give it a shot. Daniel and I will help you, dear,” I caressed her head gently.

“I’ll return Pan to Daniel oppa first. Do you want to stay here, oppa?” She asked still snuggling inside my embrace.

“You’re an angel, Yoojin. A true angel,” I said as I messed her hair.

She smiled and that was the last time I saw her before she graduated from her high school and continued her study to Seoul.That last holiday was the last time I saw her dating his current boyfriend. Next thing I knew, she had tons of fights with that boy. That lead them into a major break up and what more could we expect, I found her coming home with puffy eyes and she would run to Seongwoo hyung or sometimes my embrace to cry her heart out for the following months. I couldn’t take it.

To be continued….

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Foto ilustrasi: Etalase Bintaro/Salsabila