Pick Me: Episode 13


Yeah, it’s been a year
The warship has become a treasure island
I remember back then
You probably thought it was my grave
Like a seventeen year old in puberty
I’ll never die
So for the second time, I’ll see the end
When it’s over, I’ll go to the top bitch



So, no one of me and Muel who got to be with her. It’s Jihoonie hyung, who spent most of the time together with her, who gets to do the confession. I was the secret admirer who sent the flower under an unknown person. that wasn’t an excuse anyways, if I reveal myelf it would be easier for me. But there is hundreds of girls at the school who were dying to date me. but instead dating of of them, She caught my attention. although i was quite sure she knew Lee Daehwi, but she didn’t manage to notice that it was me who sent anonymous flower at the hospital.

I was always three steps behind. Eunki hyung stays at the same academy, Muel was her childhood friend, Jihoon hyung confessed to her at the party, but then, here was I, sitting quietly with flower on my hand, holding back my words for her.

“Hyung, was it for the girl you’ve admired the whole year?” Muel asked upon the flowers.

“Just take the flower,” I handed the flower to Sungwoon Hyung who was smiley almost all along the party.

“Wasn’t it for her” Sungwoon hyung asked.

“No more her, i guess,” I Slumped.”She wasn’t for me,” I shrugged.

“Why? because of jihoonie?” Sungwoon hyung asked.

“She looks happier when she was with Jihoonie hyung anyways,” Muel shrugged. Although he knew I had feeling for her, Muel always stayed by my side and stood for me.

“Why did you comfort me, I’m your rival anyways,” I asked.

“Because mom said, although we were rivals, you’ll always be fighting with me,” Muel answered with all his pure intentions.

“Thank you, Samuel,” I grinned and hugged him.

“We’ll always be with her in her thought,” he comforted me.

Samuel was devastated awhile ago, but Jisung hyung came and approached him, giving him strength to keep on living. Jisung hyung is like brother to every one. His smile could easily be something soothing in the midst of sadness. He hugged me and supported me and told me that the lady of my dream is not Yoon Yoo Jin only. He reminded me that there are plenty of girls waiting for me and Muel at the school. No one hates our dance cover team.

moreover all of us are issues at school. Seongwoon hyung was short but everyone notices him, the good-looking shorty. Samuel and his half hispanic blood made him look exactly better than everyone else, Haknyeon and his cute personality is also an issue. Euiwoong and his busy life also an issue. All of us were famous at school. Meanwhile Jihoonie hyung is famous among girls for being a cutie  brainiac.

“the girl from your class?” euiwoong asked.

“Wasn’t her name Jae-Ah?” Sungwoon asked.

“Yes, It’s Jae-Ah. she was head over heels over Daehwi,” Euiwoong took the liberty to answer.

“The strip comic writer in our school magazine?” Muel butted in.

“Yes, I’ve read her webtoon she published in her blog. Lee Daehwi was the main character,” Euiwoong said while teasing me.

“Shut up, Eric,” Sungwoon said my face was all red. i don’t know why.

at the school,

“Daehwi ah, look at me,” there was this one girl shouting from the crowd, she was bringing a placard ‘대휘아~ 내 남친 하자!’ ‘Daehwi ah, be my Boyfriend’.

when i tried to examine the crowd, it was Jae-ah, the girl in my class. she was pretty, slender and tall. she talks nicely to everyone and she likes to draw. I saw her strip comics at the schools newspaper every months. She tried her best to impress me, and she got my attention. Just because her drawing skills caught my eyes. but knowing that she is just as pretty as her comics made me overwhelmed.

“Daehwi ah,” she came closer to me.

“uh yeah?” I answer

“Are you free tonight, I am gonna show you my webtoon” She said.

To be continued…