Pick Me: Eleven Episode


Yoon Yoojin:

At The Loft, a week after the party,

It was raining that day, Heeseok oppa and Jihoon oppa were at my house, helping me with my luggages. I’m moving out to Jisung oppa’s house. Niel oppa and Sungwoo oppa promised me to take care of my kitten, Pan, who is apparently a male and is Peter (Daniel’s cat)’s son. Heeseok oppa told me that I can work at the coffee shop to easen my burden of staying at Jisung oppa’s house for free. He also joked that he would be the frequent customer because he wouldn’t stand missing me. Jihoon oppa also told me that he’d be happier if he could see me smiling rather than seeing me crying over my twin brother who doesn’t even care about me. But, Everyone agreed that I am allowed to stay at the loft for a night during weekends.

“Oppa, Should I pack the guitar?” I asked.

“Well, You are the one who always play the guitar when you’re down, if it helps you taking out your sadness, you should bring the guitar with you. It’s from Jisung hyung anyways,” Heeseok oppa said as he smiled and messed my hair.

“So, are you ready?” Jihoon oppa asked.

“Yes, I’m ready. Jihoon oppa dare you coming with me?” I hugged his arm.

“Yes, of course. How can i let you move in alone?” He smiled and caressed my hair. “Anyways, babe. your hair smells lovely,” he smiled as he kissed the top of my head.

“Oppa,” I blushed badly. Jihoon oppa surely knows how to make me blush and smile at the same time.

It was very unexpected of us being together. but on the other hand, I, who at first only see him as my math tutor, ended up falling for this guy’s affection and pure-hearten actions towards me. Heeseok oppa on the other hand smiled and shook his head lightly. I knew he was silently wishing for Chaekyung unni to answer his heart. but on the other hand, heeseok oppa and Chaekyung unni were both really shy and timid no one of them were brave enough to confess. I heard both of them had been bestfriends since their middle school years, and they have been sticking with each other since then

“Oppa, when are you going to confess to chaekyung unni?” I asked.

“Why did you ask about that?” Heeseok oppa asked as he looked at me with a shade of pink on his cheeks.

“Because you always shot her hearts from your eyes every time she passes by,” I giggled.

“Yaaa~ Yoon Yoojin how dare you,” Heeseok oppa head-locked me and messed my hair.

“Where is yoodam oppa?” I asked out of nowhere, turning everyone quiet.

“He is out with Hyungseob and Woojin just now,” Jihoon oppa said.

“Oh, okay,” I shrugged. “I guess he forgot me already,”

“Oh Yoojin ah, you deserve better,” Jihoon oppa smiled and hugged me.

“I’m used to it already, Jihoon oppa,” I lied as i hugged him back.

“So, Let’s go. We’ll be late for your first shift at the coffee shop, ” Heeseok oppa broke the weird atmosphere and dragged both of us to the elevator, Jisung oppa was apparenly waiting for us at the lobby with Niel oppa, Sungwoo oppa, Peter, Rooney and Pan.

“Pan ah, be good to Niel halbae, okay,” you hugged the cat for the last time.

“Wait what? Niel halbae? than I am a halbae too?” Sungwoo oppa said as he made his signature shocked expression.

“Heol, Yeah, seongwoo oppa, ask niel oppa why he called himself Peter and Rooney’s father the first place,” you laughed and hugged both elder male, bidding them a sweet goodbye.

“Everything’s ready?” Jisung oppa asked.

“Yes,” I nodded as i took the carrier and guitar and make up box with me.

“Your shift begins tonight, Yoojin ah,” Jisung oppa smiled as he took his car key and pressed the alarm button to open the key. Jihoon oppa helped me with the bags and my guitar and accompanied me to finally depart from the loft where i grew up.

“Ah, Seonho asked a lot about you,” Jisung oppa said as he sat in front of the car, driving to gangam-gu, where his cofee shop and his house was.

“Why?” I asked.”I have boyfriend already,” I said while hugging Jihoon oppa’s waist.

“Too much confidence. he asked about you because he was your supervisor, and that  you’re supposed to learn about coffee with him,  He’s got a girl anyways, Takada Sayaka, Kenta’s younger sister,” Jisung grinned.

“Ah,” I nodded.


At the coffee shop,

If you wander who Yoo Seonho was, He is Samuel’s classmate who was working at Jisung oppa’s coffee shop as the shop supervisor. For his age, Middle school senior, Seonho is quite tall and has a slender body. compared to Muel oppa, Seonho is sligthly worse-shaped. I mean Samuel oppa worked out pretty well at school and after school. meanwhile, Yoo seonho is the type to eat snacks while studying or reading something at the class. Both of them are the best in their class and Seonho sunbae is popular because his full marks at the Mathematics levelling test. Muel oppa and Seonho oppa always studied together during exam weeks thats why they always snatch the gold and silver plater at the end of the school year every time since their freshman years.

“Oh, It’s Yoojin,” Seonho greeted from the bar as he threw a black apron to me.

“I’ll take the things upstairs,” Jihoon oppa pushed me to join Seonho Sunbae behind the bar as he and Jisung oppa moved my things upstairs, the second room to the left, next to Jisung oppa’s.

“Seonho, take care of the lady,” Jisung oppa joked.

“So, can you teach me,” i challenged him. “It took Jihoon oppa awhile to teach me algebra,” I said with a wit.

“Well, I had to be so very calm teaching you,” he smiled.

“Hello, Yoojin ssi, I am Kenta, Takada Kenta, K-E-N-T-A,” there’s one cute japanese guy greeted me with his snaggletooth smile; and he’s cute anyways.

“Hello, Kenta ssi, I heard Seonho Seonbae is dating your younger sister?” I smirked.

“Ya! Yoon Yoojin!” Seonho seonbae panicked.

“Yes, Sayaka’s dating this guy,” Kenta smiled as he moved to take two pints after grinding and putting the designated grinded coffee into the machine.

“What are you making?” I asked

“Espresso” he said, waiting for the coffee to fill the pint.

he then took a warm cup from the top of the machine, “If you are interested in making good coffee. please do remember to leave the crema on the espresso.” He added as he served the espresso on the table. “Two Shots for espresso one for picollo,” He smiled.

I was busy drawing the coffee and taking notes while Kenta explains everything. my notes were full of doodles and drawings i made  during the lecture from Kenta-nim.

“Everything’s doing Good?”Jisung oppa asked.

“Yeah good minus her artistic note taking system,” Seonho grumbled

“Next, you need to learn The art of Latte,” Kenta said as he filled another pints with espresso. “Two shots of espresso,”

Seonho was seen filling an aluminum Jug with whole milk. he then walked to the steamer and steamed the milk with the hot fumes coming from the coffee maker steamer machine. “fill the jug a quarter full, steam until it foams, and it’s ready for our latte art,” Seonho said. he then began to move his hand slowly while his other hand is steadily holding he espresso cup.


Third Person Perspective

Yoodam arrived home and found himself all alone already. He was going out with Woojin, Hyungseob, Euiwoong and Jaewoo. His twin sister was looking for him back then to bid him a goodbye. but he wasn’t at home. A letter was left for him on the dinning table.

Yoodam oppa, It’s Me, Yoojin,

By the time you read this letter, i will be at the coffee shop already.

I am trully sorry for leaving home. 

what I knew, I’m in better arms now. you take care of yourself. 

stop using fake IDs to enter clubs and pubs at hongdae or itaewon.

stop throwing parties at home.

thankyou for being my overprotective twin brother

Love, Yoo Jin.