Pick Me


Hong Eunki:

Everywhere I will be, I’ll always be yours
I’ll always be by your side, giving you back hug
Like a clinging koala bear,
I’ll always cover your back, I’ll always protect you everytime.
Everyday, I’ll always be filled with memories about you.
You are always the first place in my life, even everyday.
When I knit these memories for you from afar,
Remember, I made it along the path you’ll always be passing by

“Always”- Produce 101 Season 2, 20 Boys

I was two steps behind. First Muel who had been with Yoojin since they were little, now Park Jihoon who promised to take care of her with all his live at the party. Why didn’t I be much more subtle in showing my feelings and affection for her. I was deep in my thoughts while walking throught the aisle, heading to my locker. It was almost the audition day for ‘Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’ audition for this summer’s dance recital. This was my last recital before heading to University. I had been thinking of going to Seoul and audition for Contemporary Dance Academy in Seoul. That was my last resort to distract me from weeping over my broken heart.

“Eunki ya,” Jung-Jung hyung called me with his high pitched voice.

“Jung-Jung hyung,” I was startled that i hid the folder i was holding behind me.

“What was that you hiding behind your back?” He asked.

“Aniya, nothing,” I lied.

“Don’t tell me you are taking something big without telling us,” He said. Jung-Jung hyung was the nephew of Director Zhu, One of the stake holder of our academy. He was also one of our best dancers.

“Are you running away from something?” This time a cute looking boy with and eyepatch popped beside me. It’s Bae Jinyoung, whom they called BaeJin at the academy.

“Baejin, what are you doing here,” I gasped, expressing his surprised feeling.

“I was here just some minutes ago. Park Jihoon applied and he got into our class,” Baejin said.

‘What is he even doing here?’ I said deep in my thoughts. “Park Jihoon? You mean Yoojin’s boyfriend?” I asked, making sure i wasn’t just hallucinating.

“Yes, Park Jihoon, my homey,” Baejin grinned widely.

‘Why must it be Park Jihoon, out of any students applying to the academy. Why not Seongwoo or Daniel hyung?’ I asked deep in my thoughts, facepalming my handsome face.

“Speaking of which, the princess has just arrived,” Jung-Jung hyung said as the lovebirds comes closer to us.

“I gotta go,” I said, slamming my lockers closed and paced my walk into the empty studio.

“What’s with him?” Justin asked as he popped behind Jung-Jung hyung.

“Eunki hyung likes Yoojin, but Yoojin dates Jihoon.” And there was Hyungseob popping behind them from nowhere.

“How do you know about that?” Jung-Jung asked.

“That was not a secret anyways, hyung,” Hyungseob said.

“From what I knew, Eunki hyung had always been trying to catch Yoojin’s attention. on the other hand, Yoojin always sees Eunki as a friend and brother,” Justin said. I can hear everything inside the class room. They didn’t need to retell everything though.

I’ve had hard times believing that she didn’t feel the same like i do. but still, I wasn’t giving up. I’m just going somewhere away to make her realize how she would be without me. at least that was the least that i could thought of.

I spent the whole day spacing out at the class. Today, the teacher asked if anyone of us would join the pre-audition for the dance show and Yoojin volunteered. She looked so pretty even in her dance training attirer, a bodycon, with a sheer t-shirt over it, white colored stocking, black shorts and her rustic ballet flats.

She looked so dazzling. Too bad i was always late in doing something regarding about her. Well, I did show my feelings towards her, but she already told me not to hope on her because she has fallen for somebody else, but still, I couldn’t get over her.

“Eunki Wouldn’t be joining us in this recital,” The teacher broke the silence in the class after She finished dancing.

“WHAT?” Yeo Hwanwoong exclaimed, showing his big eyes in surprise.

“It’s a lie, right seonsaengnim?” Justin asked, blinking his eyes several times, pretending to be waking up from a dream.

“Eunki Will be moving to Seoul at the mean time, He’ll continue pursuing his dream to continue his studies at Seoul Academy of Contemporary dance,” The teacher said.

“So, That was what you were hiding from me earlier,” Jung-Jung hyung elbowed me.

“Hyung I can’t believe you are leaving us,” Hyungseob said, holding back his tears

“Take Care,” Choi Jaewoo hugged me and smiled. we had never been close but i knew Jaewoo is a nice guy.

“Call us when you miss us,” Hwanwoong said as he snuggled into my hug.


I thought saying goodbye to these people would be easier. but no, It was harder than what I had been thinking. I had to bid goodbye to every single people at the academy, including Jung-Jung hyung, my best friend whom i’ve been telling all my worries to. more over i have to say goodbye to the crying figure of Yoon Yoojin. Although I was not the in the best state to see her with her boyfriend, it was still hard for me to bid her a goodbye.

Even if it was only Seoul which is only 4 hours away from here on a road trip, it was still that hard  and burdensome to bid goodby to every single one of them. we had spent almost 10 to 15 years at the academy together and now, I had to move away from them. it’s painful for me.

“Hyung, do you really have to go?” Baejin pouted.

“Yeah, do you really have to go?” Hyungseob asked.

“I really have to go, it’s my last chance to learn how to dance like a pro,” I said, hiding my pain away from all of them, seeing Yoojin crying in the embrace of Park Jihoon.

“I’m leaving, guys,” I added as i packed my bag and walked out through the glass door. I’ll be heading to Seoul tonight. goodbye for now, Yoon Yoojin.