Pick Me Episode 9


By Jacksonseven


“Even when the flower petals wither, I’ll be by your side
Time has given me a treasure called now, which is you
Yes, that head to your toes, lean on me
I’ll bet my everything”

-SLATE (Produce 101 Season 2)- Oh Little Girl

The party continued without half of the invited guests because of the Yoodam incident. I was inside the pent house with the hyungs while Jisung hyung and Taewoong hyung did the talked with Yoodam. I heard Jisung hyung is going to take the custody over Yoojin because of Yoodam’s lack of awareness. Their parents had been leaving Korea often, and nobody is going to take care of Yoojin. With that, Jisung hyung, their closest family had  decided to take over the responsibility to take care of Yoojin since her health condition had been unstable since the beginning of summer.

Heeseok hyung had the concerns but he wasn’t able to manage his time with his projects at college and taking care of Yoojin, on the other hand, he promised Yoojin to visit her at Jisung hyung’s apartment three times a week, they seemed really close, despite of the age gap.

They said, Yoojin and Yoodam were their youngest cousin and Heeseok hyung was an only child and he always wanted a little sister, that way, he loved Yoojin so much like his own younger sister. So, that evening, i stayed in the room, holding her hand, watching over her who was in a deep sleep after Jonghyun hyung injected the pain killer into her IV pack.

“Jihoon ah, let’s go outside,” Jinwoo hyung said.

“No, hyung. I have to stay here with Yoojin,” I shook my head, “You guys can have fun, I’ll take care of Yoojin,” I smiled.

“I’m glad she’s got you,” Daniel hyung smiled as he patted on my shoulder.

“I’ll bring some food and drinks in,” Heeseok hyung smiled and with that, everyone went out of the room, leaving us inside.

“So, How was our little girl?” Taewoong hyung came inside after the talk with Yoodam ended.

“She’s asleep, hyung. Jonghyun hyung had just injected the IV and the meds. I guess she’ll be sleeping for quite a while,” I answered as I wiped her hand with a warm towel.

“You’re such a perfect match for her,” Jisung hyung said as he popped behind taewoong hyung.

“Hyung I was worried as hell. quite awhile ago, i heard her talking in her sleep, something about Yoodam,” I explained.

“I think she really loved her twin brother while Yoodam took it for granted, she always do the sleeptalks after fighting with Yoodam,” Taewoong said.

“Jihoon ah, come get your food. you’ve been with her all the time,” Jisung hyung came with a bowl of rice and some chopped beef with bulgogi sauce.

“We’ll watch over her when you eat, don’t worry,” Taewoong hyung smiled and patted my shoulder.

“Thank you, hyung,” I walked to the dinning table and ate my dinner while the hyungs were watching over her.


After the party, I walked her downstairs. She said she felt better already and she wanted me to help her packing up prior to moving in with Jisung hyung’s family. She was quiet along the time we walked down the staircase. She seemed sad. I held her hand, gloving my palm around hers, comforting her so she would feel hopefully better than before. She softened as she walked hand in hand with me. She looked down on the ground a lot, still feeling down and weary.
“Did you drop something?” I asked.

“No, why?” she asked back.

“You looked down to the ground,  i though you were looking for something,” I tried joking to make up her mood.

She was about to cry. “You know what, I  won’t be looking for anyone for now on. because you are more than what i’ve been looking for,” I tried doing cheesy puns.

All i heard from her was a muffled whine, in the end she hugged me and cried for another good fifteen minutes in my embrace.

“Hey, honey. listen to me, You will always be attached to your twin brother. Moving in with Jisung hyung means there is somebody who cares for you more than Yoodam. Besides Jisung hyung’s place is not far from here. you can always ask Jisung hyung to drop you off here when you missed Yoodam,” I said, caressing her back, calming her down.

“Jihoon oppa, mianhae, I’ve been such a kid,” She cried.

“No, there’s nothing wrong for you to act like a kid. I acted like a kid once but i ended up loving you most of my time,” I said, lightly shaking my head.

She hugged me tighter. In reply, i hugged her and promised to myself to take care of her whatever will happen because she is so precious to me.


To be continued…..