Pick Me Episode 8



I didn’t know they held a party to welcome my sister home. I’ve had too much fun with Woojin hyung, Hyungseob hyung, and Euiwoong hyung. When I got home, i heard noises from the rooftop and what surprised me was Jihoonie hyung dated my sister. Who told him to do so? I did trust him to tutor Yoojin but not to date her of course. i raced to the penthouse and found Yoojin hugging Jihoon hyung lovingly. what a sight.

“YOON YOO JIN WHO TOLD YOU TO DATE?” I shouted at the new lovebirds.

“You don’t have the rights to tell me not to, Yoon Yoodam!” She exclaimed. how dare she raised a voice at me.

“”That’s because i cared for you,” I  said.

“Tch, care? what’s the definition of care?” she asked sarcastically. “You seemed to enjoy partying around with Woojin oppa and Hyungseob oppa at the club,” She pointed out.

“Now you dare talking back at me,” I defended myself.

“Well, The instagram talked back to you, Oppa,” She said, showing pictures from Woojin hyung’s instagram. “Blame your friends who were actively updating your social hop-around activities,” She said.

“Yoojin ah, calm down,” Jihoon hyung tried calming her down.

“It’s okay, Jihoon oppa. I wanted Yoon Yoodam to realize that When he didn’t care about how critical i was, you were there, cheering up, rooting, and even watching over me,” She cried. “If there was anyone i wanted to be with right now, it wasn’t Yoodam, it is You, and the other people who cared for me,” she hid behind Jihoon hyung.

“Were you even there when her condition dropped?” Samuel asked.

“Where were you when she was dying?” Jisung hyung striked again.

“If you really cared you would have came at least one to keep an eye of her,” Taewoong hyung said.

“You’re gonna shame yourself now, Yoon Yoodam,” Jonghyun added, everyone was literally surrounding my sister and jihoon hyung out of my reach.

“Oppa, my chest hurts,” Yoojin said as she pulled Jihoon’s sleeve, giving him alert.

“Jinwoo hyung, we need to put her somewhere less crowded,” Jihoon hyung called Jinwoo hyung who was standing there.

“Well, this wasn’t a new thing to hear anyways, right Hyunbin ah?,” Sewoon hyung said, covering his mouth.

“I saw yoodam and his friends having a lot of fun during Yoojin’s stay at the hospital though,” Hyunbin said as he turned to face Sewoon who was behind him.

“It was indeed Yoodam’s wrong doing,” Jisung hyung crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“I’ll take her inside the penthouse, Taewoongie and Jisung hyung please do the talk, the girl needs time out for now,” Jinwoo hyung said, Jisung hyung nodded in agreement stopping me from arguing with everyone.

Why was everyone always on her side? I couldn’t find anything wrong with me.


Narrator’s Perspective.

The cool headed Jinwoo carried yoojin to the penthouse, Jihoon, Jonghyun, Daniel, Seongwoo and Samuel followed behind Jinwoo. Of course Jisung stopped Yoodam for following them into the penthouse. Jisung and Taewoong then took Yoodam to the corner and talked to him after telling everybody to enjoy the rest of the party. Everyone did carry on the party but with questions in their head since they hadn’t known anything about Yoojin’s twin brother who was just as furious as the machine of ferari. To ease up the tense, Sewoon and Jaehwan decided to do an impromptu duet singing the iconic “Skyfall” with guitar accompanyment, mesmerizing all the guests of the party.

“Yeokshi, Jaehwannie,” Minhyun said as he leaned on hyunbin’s shoulder.

“I wonder how the princess felt,” Sungwoon nudged Daehwi lightly, pointing into the penthouse.

“She was always looking for her brother, but now way he’d come,” Sanggyun said. Sanggyun was Jaehan’s best friend and he knew how much everyone cared for Yoojin. Sanggyun once visited Yoojin when she was critical and it was hurting him not to see Yoojin crying because her one and only brother didn’t even care to visit her.

“I hope she’s okay,” Jaehan said. he was worried as hell about Yoojin.

[At the Pent House]

“Is everything okay, Jihoon ah,” This comes from Bae Jinyoung who silently followed everyone into the penthouse. Jinyoung is Jihoon’s best friend at school.

“It’s more or less, Jinyoung ah,” He sighed after trying to calm his girlfriend from crying by hugging her warmly into his embrace.

“How can i help?” Jinyoung offered help.

“Ah, take the bag, by the drawer next to the fridge. it was the emergency kit for Yoojin.” Heeseok said as he pointed to the black coolbag with a redcross on the lid.

“The Meds will lessen the pain i guess,” Jinwoo said as he helped Yoojin to lay on Heeseok’s bed.

“Jonghyun hyung, you are a pre-med student aren’t you? can you help me treating her?” Daniel asked.

“Sure,” Jonghyun stepped up and sat beside the bed, examining Yoojin who was still crying due to the stabbing pain on her chest. Jihoon sat on the other side of the bed, holding her hand to support her.

Jonghyun slowly injected the medicine, sending the younger to sleep. Everyone stayed inside the room while looking after the younger. “Is she gonna be okay, hyung?” Jihoon asked.

“For now, that’s the best we can do. she’s gonna sleep for some hours, and all the best we could do to keep her stable is not to stress her nor to put her in pressure,” Jonghyun said as he tucked the blanket over Yoojin.

“Thanks, Jonghyun ah,” Jinwoo smiled and patted Jonghyun’s shoulder.