Kim Samuel:

Haven’t I told you that i liked her so much? I was sure enough of my feelings towards her. I was sure I loved here since i was 10. I even promised i would marry her back then. But look at her now? she accepted proposal from another guy who had known her even shorter than I did. I was not mad at her, I was just burnt up with all that jealousy you know. I have everything drawn in my head, on how i would love to re-confess my feelings towards her.  And Jihoon hyung ruined everything with the confession at the rooftop that day, in front of my eyes. What’s worse was she accepted his feelings. I was mentally ruined that moment when she took the bouquet off Jihoon hyung’s hand. Why should it be him of all guys?

“Hey, Buddy,” Jisung hyung approached me.

“Hyung,” I slumped at the chair and looked at the sky.

“What’s in your mind?” Jisung hyung asked.

“I lost,” I sighed.

“Lost?” he looked at me and frowned. “Did you play games again?” He asked. “I told you not to join Sungwoon playing LOL. Remember, Muel ah you need to study on your Korean Literature in order to pass this semester,” Again, this is Yoon Jisung who always acts like a mother to everyone.

“Aniyaa, this is more than just that silly game,” I looked down. “It is more important than LOL i guess,” I slouched on the chair.

“Was it about Yoojin?” He asked as he pat my shoulder.

“Yeah. I thought she remembered about my promise back then,” I slumped as I put the teddy bear back to my backpack.

“I felt bad for you, Muel ah,” He patted my back. Now I know the feeling of having an older brother.

“Hyung, do you think I still have the chance to win her once more?” I asked as i looked at Jisung hyung, hoping to find a good answer from him.

“Well, We will see. I think you still have that chance and it’s good to hope for a better chance,” He said as he patted my shoulder, giving me strength to carry on.

“Kim Samuel, Never give up,” Seongwoon hyung said as he offered his knuckles to me, doing our secret knuckle bump. Meanwhile, Daehwi hyung spaced himself out from the others. he seemed down these days, I wonder why.

“Hyung, speaking of which, why hasn’t the famous Ong seongwoo confessed to Niel hyung, yet? I mean I knew that Seongwoo hyung had been crushing on Niel hyung for more than a year,” I nudged on Jisung hyung’s elbow, giving him signal to look at the man i had been talking about.

“He seemed to prepare that as well,” Taewoong hyung suddenly popped out from God knows where.

As we all knew already, Seongwoo hyung had been crushing on Daniel Hyung since eternity. It was said that he fell for Niel hyung when they were in the middle school and he really wanted to confess to Niel hyung. But he was afraid he would lose Niel hyung, his most precious friend of all time just because he confessed his feelings to Niel hyung. Meanwhile, I knew much or less that yoojin once fangirled over Niel hyung because of his overflowing charisma.

To be continued…