Park Ji-Hoon:

“I want to be your oppa
I will be your man, just watch
So that my heart can touch yours
I will run to you right now”

It was not my first time listening to the song that really relates to me. Well, this song really clicked my feeling just because i really wanted Yoojin to call me ‘Oppa’ instead of ‘Seonbae’. Everyone was dying to call me ‘Oppa’ meanwhile, I really want her to call me that, only her. She called Samuel with ‘Oppa’ but me? Why was that so hard to change her from being so honorific toward me into somewhat more laidback. We are close enough to drop the honorifics already though. I just wanted her to have the lesser formal tense during our meeting, just because i liked her so much.

That day, I stopped by Jaehan hyung’s flower shop to get her some cute bouquets to decorate her room. she said she liked flowers so much. Wait, White roses and pink tulips looks good together right? or should I just ask Jaehan hyung to decorate one for me to articulate my feelings and also write one card to cheer her up? I wouldn’t want to lose to samuel. at least i need to make it work for both of us.

Well, Samuel looks different from us and he definitely has the good looks and he is also smart compared to all his homeroom friends. No wonder i felt insecure towards him. What added up the competition was he literally spend most of his childhood together with Yoojin. I heard from their childhood friends, Samuel once asked Yoojin to marry him when they were little.

“Park Jihoon,” Jaehan hyung popped out from the greenhouse at the back of his flower shop.

“Ah, Hyung,” I bowed.

“What brings you here? I heard that she is going home today, Daniel and Jisung hyung decided to let her recover at home,” Jaehan hyung said.

“I want to confess to her about my feelings, can you make me a confession bouquet?” I asked.

“Sure, She likes tulips but i think pink and white roses and babybreaths are somehow showing your genuine love,” He explained.

“She likes morning glory as well,” I added remembering how Yoojin always brags about planting her own morning glory.

“No, you cant confess with that flower, the meaning is not something good,” Jaehan hyung said as he began cutting the thorns of the roses.

“Ah, I see,” I nodded as i watched the expert doing the bouquet.

“We are throwing a barbecue party this evening to welcome her home, are you joining?” Jaehan hyung asked as he continued arranging the flowers.

“I guess so, I am not really sure,” i answered. I wanted to go, but as you see, my parents are a tad bit strict about me going to the ‘Hakwon’.

“I heard there is going to be a lot of people coming including Heeseok and some of the guys who visited at the hospital back then, Lee.. Daehwi? if i wasn’t mistaken, Ha.. seongwoon? Jung.. Sewoon?” Jaehan hyung tried remembering the names who had been invited to the party.

Wow! most of the attendees were well-known people from their neighborhood. Jung Sewoon is a famous youtube sing cover, Daehwi was one of the famous sophomores who joined a dance cover team together with Samuel, Lee Eui-woong, Ha Seongwoon, Bae Jinyoung and Joo Haknyeon, Hong Eunki? he was one of our school’s alumni who attended the same dance academy as Yoojin. Who am i? i am just Park Jihoon, not quite famous in the world, just at school i guess. I am in no game.


That Evening at the barbecue party at the loft building’s rooftop penthouse owned by Yoon Heeseok,

Yoojin came on a wheel chair, she was dressed in a cute lacey dress and a pair of matching white sandals with Jisung hyung. Taewoong hyung was pushing her wheelchair slowly. The next thing i saw was Samuel coming at her with a bouquet of white lilies. she smiled so beautifully even when she was not feeling well. She sat beside taewoong hyung, he was helping her with the meat and everything, I was sitting in front of her, looking at her deeply while drowning deep in my thought.

“Why are you looking at her like that, Jihoon ah,” Heeseok hyung asked.

“Aniya,” I lied i was jealous because taewoong hyung gets to take care of her.

“I can tell that you are jealous towards Taewoong hyung,” Heeseok hyung smiled as he tried teasing me.

“Uh… oh,” I rubbed my nape, trying to find words.

“You’re not as talkative, why?” Daniel hyung asked me as he sat beside me.

“Aniya, I lost my confidence,” I sulked.

“Come on, you’re good and i know you’re good enough for her. if you want her, be confident enough,” Daniel hyung said as he patted on my shoulder, encouraging me. And it really worked.

“Thanks, hyung. You are such an eye opener,” I smiled as I walked out of my seat and came to her with the bouquet I bought from Jaehan hyung’s shop.

“Jihoon Sunbae,” she greeted me with the prettiest smile of her.

“I need to tell you something,” I paused as she looked at me along with every single eyes looking at me, “I want to be your ‘oppa’. I wanted you to see me more than just a tutor and a senior student. I can’t stop thinking about you,” I confessed.

Everyone was cheering. I could tell that time samuel was not very happy about that.

“Jihoon sunbae,” she flushed red as if all her blood rushed up to her cheeks.

“Yoon Yoojin, Nae Yeoja Dwaeojullae?” (Will you be my girl?) I kneel down by my knees.

“Bada jwo, Bada Jwo,” i heard everyone cheering for her to take my hand in relationship. “Yoojin ah, take the bouquet.” Daniel hyung elbowed the girl.

“Oppa,” she blushed as she took the bouquet. “I’ll take this, but please walk slowly with me,” she said as she fanned her face.

“Aigoo, our little princess surely grew up now.” Jinwoo hyung said as he ruffled her hair. That was NOT the typical Joo Jinwoo though. He was usually quiet and he usually smiles on every words, not talking so much.

Ilustrasi: Etalase Bintaro/Salsabil Rizqi

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